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Headlight Restoration
Cloudy or foggy headlights aren't just a cosmetic eyesore - they're also a safety hazard. Over time, heat, UV rays, and road debris can wear away the protective coating on your headlights. This exposes the unprotected lens to the elements and causes them to become cloudy, faded, and yellow. This leaves your car looking aged and more crucially, reducing your night time driving visibility.

So what are your options to solving this problem? Replace them or restore them.
With new headlights costing as much as $1000.00 each, replacing them sometimes isn't an option. We offer a cost effective alternative to replacing headlights with our Headlight Restoration Service. Let us restore the appearance of your headlights and your peace of mind in about one hour.
Don't be fooled and disappointed by cheap "swap meet" restorations that look good for a few weeks, but quickly become foggy again. Our company uses patented restoration techniques and products that will restore your headlights to factory clarity permanently - guaranteed.

Emblem Removal
Removing badges and emblems from a car has become popular in recent years. Experience has shown that many people underestimate the various steps involved and the challenges faced with doing a professional grade car emblem removal job. We have been called out more than once by over-zealous people who simply go and start taking the emblems off their car only to become rudely aware of the "can of worms" they just opened! Instead, let us perform this service for you.

Overspray Removal
Overspray occurs most commonly when paint is being sprayed in an area where your vehicle is. Sometimes it is carried by the wind, but even on calm days the mist still can float to your vehicle surface. In most cases, you can see the speckles of color on the surface right away. Other times you may only be able to feel it. You notice that you can't rub it off OR even wash it off. You probably realize it is on the glass and other surfaces besides the paint.

The common misunderstanding is that if the paint is washable with soap and water on your tools and hands, why is it not washable on your car? Because the clear coated finish of you vehicle is different. A chemical reaction takes place. As this reaction takes place, the paint gets even harder, and the harder the paint gets the more damage can be done. This can cause small pits where the paint speck was. The sooner you attack the problem, the less chance of damage to your finish.
The same is true with most air born fall out. You may just notice the rough surface of your finish while washing or waxing it, and it may not be paint. The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of air born contaminates the can adhere to you vehicles surface that simple washing, polishing, waxing or even solvents can't remove. This is where we can help.

We have a state of the art process that will remove the paint or fallout overspray from your vehicles exterior in the most complete and least detrimental way. We actually remove the paint or contaminate from the surface, rather than flatten it or work it into the finish by buffing. Also remember, when using the compounds required buffing it off, you are also affecting the thickness and protection of the clear coat.

Need Your Vehicle Sold?

Don’t have the time or desire to sell your vehicle?
Allow us to take care of the presentation & photographs, field the phone calls, and use our network of connections to find you a buyer. Call us today to discuss fees and what we can do for you!!
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